Labour calls for commitment to prioritise most in Decent Homes work


Following Rushanara Ali MP’s successful lobbying for additional Government Decent Homes funding Labour councillors last week called for the Council to ensure that the housing blocks most in need of work are prioritised.

The move by councillors follows concern that some of the most in need housing blocks such as Brodick House in Bow have not received the work they desperately require. The Councillors also urged the Mayor to be open and transparent about the Decent Homes work after previously blocks including the Bancroft Estate have been secretly removed from the work schedule.

Labour councillors were concerned that after the Mayor cut £3,500 from the amount spent on each home, there may not be a focus on the most in need properties in the borough.

Labour’s Spokesperson for Housing, Cllr Sirajul Islam, said:


“It is only right that residents facing the most challenging conditions are given priority for Decent Homes work. This was a flagship scheme for Labour and we are proud that working together Labour’s councillors and MPs have secured the next round of funding to bring residents’ homes up to a Decent Standard.

“The Mayor is fond of quoting his success on housing, but under his administration the number of non-decent homes has actually increased. We are clear that the Mayor should ensure that those whose homes are in the greatest need are given priority for Decent Homes work, we hope that he will now act.”

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