Mayor’s political leaflets in Sports Centre ‘unacceptable’

Mayor's political leaflets at Whitechapel Sports Centre (1)

Whitechapel Sports Centre has come under fire today as opposition councillors said it was ‘unacceptable’ that the centre was displaying political campaign leaflets for Mayor Lutfur Rahman.

Labour councillors raised the concerns only a week after Ofcom ruled that the Mayor had used tax-payers’ money to fund illegal party political broadcasts.

Leader of the Labour Group, Cllr Joshua Peck, said:

“Whilst this is probably one of the Mayor’s supporters dishonestly leaving leaflets in Whitechapel Sports Centre, it is important that community facilities are not used to promote political parties. Coming only a week after we learned the Mayor wasted tax payer money making illegal political adverts there is obviously a concern that this is yet another attempt to use tax-payer resources to promote his political agenda.

“It is important that staff and management at leisure centres and other community facilities recognise the need to remain impartial and do not allow political leafleting like this.”

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